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Submission Procedure

The final version of the manuscript must meet the Journal Guidelines as noted. The manuscripts must be typed clearly in Microsoft Word format. Soft copy of the research article will be submitted by E-mail. Each article will be considered for review only after receiving, the soft and hard copies of the same. Upon completion of the review process, the first author will be informed of acceptance or rejection of the article within three months of the submission date. After review, the accepted articles will be sent back to the concerned authors for final revision and submission and the first author will be sent a formal letter of acceptance along with the registration form for publication of papers in the Journal.


  1. Submitted manuscript does not constitute prior publication. In addition, by submitting material to, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that he or she will not submit the material to another journal (electronic or print) until the completion of the editorial decision process.

  2. Research work must be related to all subjects related to media studies.

All manuscripts are to be submitted to:

The Editor


A-2, Sector 1, Vaishali, Near max Hospital, Ghaziabad (NCR Delhi), UP

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